Frequently Asked Questions

Warehouse Items

What does "Open Box" mean?

Some items we sell can come in perfect condition, with damaged packaging, or with the box open. For open box we insure there the item is in perfect condition, with all parts, and no damage to the actual product. The item may be missing its original packaging or tags. You can find the description of the item and any notes on the product page itself.

What does " Lightly Used" mean?

Items marked "Lightly Used" do not meet our standards for "New- Open Box". This may be from a tiny flaw in the product or lack of packaging, manual, or anything else we may deem not acceptable for " New - Open Box". All items will have the descriptions listed in the description of the product.

Can I ship an item instead of pickup?

At this time we are not shipping. Please check back in the near future for this option. You can also contact us for more information on this.

Do you accept returns?

Because of the nature of our business we do not accept returns. We encourage you to check your item before leaving to ensure you are happy with your purchase. All sales after pick up and shipping are final. If the item has been misrepresented please contact us and we will deal with this on a case by case basis.

What if I missed my pickup time?

Send us a message and we can reschedule your pick up time. We allow for one rescheduling for pickup time. If no pickup is made on the second attempt the item is considered paid for and complete. No refund will be given. Items will be considered abandoned.

Can I cancel my order?

We allow cancellation of your order up to one hour after ordering. After that a 15% restocking fee will be deducted from your refund. Cancellations are not applicable after your pick up time.

What if my item does not work?

We ensure all open box items are in working condition before placing them on our website. We offer a space during pickup to open boxes, check items, and outlets to test items. Unless a problem is presented during this time we consider all sales final.

Am I able to pick up multiple orders at once?

Absolutely! If you have placed multiple orders please send us a message and let us know which order numbers you will be picking up and on which selected date and time. Unfortunately we cannot combine orders if one of your pickup times has already passed its second rescheduling.


How can I view pallets?

Please send us a message though our contact page and we can provide you with an appointment

Can I ship pallets?

Absolutely! You can set up a freight to handle your shipping or service with us for your freight options. Please contact us for more information on shipping.

How can I pay for my pallet?

We accept Wire Transfer or Cash for payments on Pallets. This payment must include freight if applicable.

Do you accept returns on pallets?

All sales are "as is" and final.

Are your pallets manifested?

Some pallets are manifested while others will be pictures provided only.

Quick Lots

How can I make an appointment?

Please go to our Quick Lots Page to make an appointment. You will be able to add a quick lot appointment to your time slot and check out with your slot deposit.

Does it cost anything to attend Quick Lots?

Yes, we have a fee of 10$ to reserve your slot. This gains you access to a 30 min window of shopping. You can bring up to 2 guest with you. The entry fee will cover all 3 shoppers. If the time slot is available you can extend your time for another 30 mins at no cost. This fee is not refundable.

Can I bring anyone with me?

Yes! you can have up to 2 guest with you at your time slot. This includes children. Please keep children with you at all times. If children are left unattended we will ask that you revisit us at another time.

How many items can I buy?

As many as you like. Each item is 5$ You can purchase every item in the bins if you want!

Can I open boxes?

No, if you would like help looking items up we can assist you but we ask that no boxes be opened by customer to keep things organized and clean.

Can I return items?

All sales are "as is" and final.

I need to change my appointment time.

Please contact us a minimum of 48 hours before your time slot. After this period your slot time cannot be changed. No refund will be provided.

What payment do you accept for Quick lots?

We accept all major credit cards, Zelle, and cash. Sales tax will be added to your total.


How do auctions work?

After creating an account with our partner site you will be able to pre-register for our auction. All items are ONLINE ONLY.

Our bidding last for 1 week. On the last day of the auction the auction changes to a live bid where you can place bid on the items you want in real time.

Our auctions are "soft close" this means after you place a bid the item will remain up for bidding for an additional 60 seconds. During which time anyone can place a bid.

If you are the top bidder when you the item closes you win the bid.

Your account will be charged after the auction closes.

We recommend viewing one of our auctions before participating.

Please view all information about the specific auction you are interested in participating as information may have changed.

If you have any further question please contact us.

Can I get updates about upcoming auctions?

Absolutely! Sign up for our auction updates HERE

Where are auctions held?

Our auctions are online. You can view our auction calendar, pick up times, and sign up HERE

How do I pay for my auctions items?

You will be required to pre-register to participate in our auction. There you will be able to put in your payment information. If you would like to pay in cash please contact us before the auction begins.

How do I pick up my auction items?

We have set times for each auction where you will be able to pick up items. You can come at any time during our open pick up time.

Please see the front desk to check in with your paid receipt before heading to the loading area.

You will be responsible for loading your items, checking your inventory, and securing items. If you need to split your pickup into loads please let us know.

I have a tax exemption can I use it?

Yes! Please contact us before the auction. You must submit your exemption before the auction.

I am not able to make the pick up times what do I do?

All pick up times are expressly stated. Please make sure you are available to pick up your items in the alloted time before you place a bid in the auction. Items not picked up in the alloted time will be considered abandoned. No refunds will be given.

There is an issue with an item I received.

Please contact us within 72 hours of pick up we will review your concerns.

Do you allow shipping?

At this time we do not ship auction items. You must pick up your items during the alloted time.

Is there an age limit?

You must be 18 years or older and ID verified to register to participate in our auction.

Are there there any fees?

Yes our auctions have a 16% buyers premium and state sales tax. This means you will pay an additional 15% of your bid win price for each item and sales tax on your total.

Can I view items before auction?

Yes, we provide one day before the live auction to stop by our warehouse and view items. We do not allow opening of boxes that are sealed however we will can allow for checking of color, item count, and working condition of open box items. You will be responsible for replacing items back in their packages in the same manner they were originally. Any damage to items made during inspection will require purchase at full retail price.