Gas Stove Grate Replacement Part A00263801 For Kenmore/Frigidaire Stove Parts, Cast Iron Grate Parts 1 Pack

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 Enhance your kitchen's efficiency with this sturdy and durable gas stove replacement, perfectly compatible with your Kenmore/Frigidaire stove burner. Crafted from pure cast iron, this non-slip, stable addition is not prone...


 Enhance your kitchen's efficiency with this sturdy and durable gas stove replacement, perfectly compatible with your Kenmore/Frigidaire stove burner. Crafted from pure cast iron, this non-slip, stable addition is not prone to shaking, ensuring a seamless cooking experience. Its robust build not only resists deformation but also stands up to high temperatures without any fear of burning or rusting, promising longevity and steadfast performance over time.


  • Compatible with Kenmore/Frigidaire stove burner 
  • Non-slip design ensures stability during use
  • Crafted from pure cast iron material for durability and longevity
  • Resistant to high temperatures, preventing deformation and rust

Product Specifications:

  • Material: Cast Iron
  • Compatibility:

Fit for KENMORE FRIGIDAIRE RANGE burner grate parts number, A00263801, 5304492146, 5304492047, AP6036421, PS11770807, PD00033169, PD00033169, 5304492048, WCI-A00263801, 5304492147, 4456993, PS11770807, EAP11770807 and more.
Fit for FRIGIDAIRE RANGE burner grate parts number, 790.73432310, 790.73432312, 790.73432313, 790.73432314, 790.73433310, 790.73433311, 790.73433312, 790.73433313, 790.73433314, 790.73439310, 790.73439312, 790.73439313, 790.73439314, 790.74043310, 790.74132310, 790.74132311, 790.74132312, 790.74132313, 790.74132314, 790.74133310, 790.74133311, 790.74133312, 790.74133313, 790.74133314, 790.74134310, 790.74134311, 790.74134312, 790.74134313, 790.74134314, 790.74139310, 790.74139311 and more.
Fit for KENMORE RANGE burner grate parts number, 790.74232314, 790.74232315, 790.74232316, 790.74233310, 790.74233311, 790.74233312, 790.74233313, 790.74233314, 790.74233315, 790.74233316, 790.74233317, 790.74237710, 790.74237711, 790.74237712, 790.74237713, 790.74239310, 790.74239311, 790.74239312, 790.74239313, 790.74239314, 790.74239315, 790.74332310, 790.74332311, 790.74332312, 790.74332313, 790.74332314, 790.74333310, 790.74333311, 790.74333312, 790.74333313 and more.


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